The second volume
By Katao Ishii " Ultimate Super Willpower The second volume "
Published by Zenbunsha.

Saved from an in incurable disease by the tape
A girl came up to me and gave me a bunch of flowers during the lecture I had in Hiroshima in September of 1986.
Standing on tiptoe, trying to reach the microphone, she spoke the following words in front of 1,000 people ; " I am three years old. My daddy had cancer.
I cured him by listening to the tape. Thank you very much, Dr. Ishii "
With tears in my eyes, I hugged her and prayed from the bottom of my heart for her happiness.
I would like to relate another case.
A member of the art association in Sendai, Miyagi, had painted a beautiful landscape with mountains in the background and a village in the foreground.
This man was also a member of various other art related committees.
The painting was entitled " Spring in Minami Zao "
The images it captures give everyone who has ever been to the area feelings of nostalgia ; snow fallen in atches across the mountainside, the radiant white summit, the fields of pale pink flowers at the mountains' base.
It was hard to imagine that the man painted such a painting while bearing the pain of an active duodenal ulcer.
But his doctors had shown him pictures clearly revealing a dull white thumb-sized lesion in the duodenum.
It was slowly bleeding, and the doctor told him that he was in critical condition and would have to be admitted to the hospital.
Having already heard of the willpower from his wife, however, he was given the willpower treatment and, incredibly, became well.
He continued using the ESP tape for sometime and went to a famous hospital specializing in the digestive system.
As a result of half a days examination, he was told the duodenal ulcer had completely disappeared.
He told me it was as if a magical spell had been cast over him.