The first volume
I would like you to read the letter of the young woman from Kagawa Prefecture which said, " the flavors of the biscuit and tobacco that were on the catalogue have changed. "
This is not something which occurred because I desired to make it so.
It just suddenly happened.
On the cover of the catalogue there is printed the mark of eighth dimensional power just as there is on the cover of this book.
The power came from that mark.
When it is said by the people around me that the flavor has changed, I think, Hmmm !!
At those times, I myself am surprised at the greatness of the power.
But the catalogue is not the only thing out of which this power materializes.
Seals are made at the research institute which bear the mark of eighth dimensional power.
Tremendous power emanates from these seals, as well.
The original reason for creating these seals was that I wanted more people to make use of my power.
The fundamental principle is the same as that of the ESP tape.
Since I created it, it has become the source of constant surprises.
Supernatural power is a power beyond physics.
In other words, it is a power which cannot be explained by contemporary human science.
This is where the mystery and the potential of supernatural power lies.
Supernatural power has a long history.

The second volume