The first volume
By Katao Ishii " Ultimate Super Willpower The first volume "
Published by Zenbunsha.

At that moment, I realized that this was a revelation from God, that I was perhaps being commanded to go to the aid of my fellowman.
There was no proof, no evidence, but somewhere inside me was the conviction that this was true.
It was an intuition.
And I was determined to be faithful to this intuition.
What is the true character of eighth dimensional power ?
This is not something I myself am completely clear about.
But I believe it is one kind of cosmic or universal energy.
I mentioned a revelation from God, but I have never been a believer in religion.
I use the term" power of God " because talk of cosmic energy is vague and obscure and difficult to understand.
The person who described my power as being of the eighth dimension was Professor Kazumitsu Masaki of the engineering department at Osaka University.
That eighth dimensional power is emanating from this book right now.
It's true character is that of cosmic energy.
I am not interested in religion, in addition to that, if spirit forces were to come to me, I would reject them.
Therefore, I am not possessed by any kind of spirit force.
In any case, this book I wrote has the power to heal the pain in people's bodies.
Before you begin doubting, I want you to give it a test.
If you have a headache right now, press this book to your forehead.
If you have a toothache, lay this book against your cheek.
If you have a stomach ache, hug this book to your stomach.
If your lower back hurts, hold this book against your lower back.
How does it feel ?
You should feel better after two minutes.
Count slowly to one hundred and twenty while holding this book against the area that ails you.
After this your pain should feel lighter.
This is super willpower.