How to use
How to use the wonder seals
The wonder seal can be stuck on anything like wallets or purse bags.
The seals can also be applied to electric appliances, furniture, stationary, cars, bicycles and cash registers or any place where you'd like to apply them.
By pasting a seal, your ESP power occurs and a wonderful phenomenon begins to happen, your super willpower generates with the place.
It is more effective to stick esper seal onto the wonder seal.
Exchange for a new one if the symbol mark of wonder seal has came off or disappeared.
If you thought the place where you stuck your wonder seal is too loud, you can put it on a place where nobody can see or a place which is difficult to find out.
You don't have to worry about the direction of the symbol mark.
Stick any number which you think is appropriate.
Apply according to your own intuition.
This includes the number of seals that you apply.