ESP appliances
The esper seal is a seal of natural skin color and doesn't use magnetism and medicine at all.
It is just skin colored seal.
But it is generating with the heart of the universe that even modern science cannot make clear.
Just use the seal for any painful part of your body, you will be comfortable and will be free from mental distress.
Your life will improve by the heart of the universe which is alternating with the seal.
Basis of using is use it which you thought of any place and any number in your intuition.
The direction of the seal doesn't matter.
It is one which can stick on skin or above underwear and bandages.
The way of disposing a used seal is free, but when you recycle it to a pot plant, there is reports that you'll get a result which is good for plants to grow.

30 seals per one package
1,050 = $ 10
 (Tax is included)

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