What is ESPH
Mechanism of happiness
Originally, there is a stern mechanism that all human beings are entitled to
an equal degree of happiness.

1. Good health
First, as a human being, a good health is most important.
It can be possible to say that good health and a happy life, mentally and physically.
Many people find out that good health is most important only when they became sick.
Let's cure the sickness yourself sincerely.

2. Prosperity of work
Progress, Improvement and development are included in prosperity at work.
A good daily life is guaranteed by a favorable prosperity, then there is an euphoria.
Working every day in a competition, and fighting in consciousness is not being happy mentally.
Working every day should be delightful.

3. Delightful human relationships ( Personal relationship )
Communication and relationships among human beings are very important things in each family and in business.
It concerns mutual confidence and trust problems.
Abandon egocentricity as much as you can and respect other peoples feelings.
It is a deep trust relationship that there is an euphoria.
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