What is ESPH
Short profile of Chief Executive Katao Ishii
He was born in 1918, Kanzaki-Machi,Kanzaki-Gun,Saga-Ken.
Via the overseas experience inside Taiwan and Manchuria, he lived an office worker life in Osaka from 1947.
In February, 1975, suddenly, the difference dimension power occurred.
With the revelation, he left the office in the promotion of industry habitation where he had worked for 18 years.
He established in June the same year, a personal development center in his hometown Saga-Pref.
Moved to Osaka in November, 1978.
Moved to Kameido Tokyo in June, 1981, and he established a ESP science research institute.
Moved to the present place in January, 1986, Ueno,Tokyo.
He exhibited ESP super willpower in July, 1990, at the Nippon-Budokan.
He fulfilled in January, 1993, the natural span of life and was called to the heavenly world.
He was 74 years old when he died.

It makes ESP a mechanism of the universe in the direct connection.
We live in small world, a mechanism in the vast universe.
The ESP power is the heart of the universal creation and is the power which improves happiness and abundance of the human race.
The power of ESP creates vitality in the new heart in all directions such as good health, in each family and business by the spread activity of the branch office,
instruction centers and ESP instructors in the whole country each place mainly ESP science research institute and the headquarters and it has been continuing limitless expanse.
ESP is not a religion.
Because, there are no agreements and rules as in world religions.

Mechanism of happiness