Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.6

The real explanation is in showing the phenomenon of ESP.
I demonstrate a phenomenon first and then give an explanation for it later, but actually 
in this case, it cannot be explained orally or usually by drawing a picture.
In some books it is written that it is psi power or telepathy.
I think that it is only an excuse.
I think that without any explanation, it is enough to say that there is a phenomenon 
which can change the impossible to the possible.
When I observe liver and heart diseases being cured and cancer disappearing, 
it seems to me that leg and back pains are not much of an illness at all. 
At a Sapporo lecture meeting in September, 1986, one person was able to heal the 
sickness of six people.
To me it is not surprising at all.
This power doesn't change, even if it's in another country.
I had a request from Los Angels to send power to a lady's husband.
After she agreed do be a proxy for him.  
I sent the power. 
A few days later, I received a report that her husband had gotten completely well, since 
this " Telephone healing. "
Even if a person does not answer the phone directly, he or she can still get the same 
Also I received a report from a person who is always busy operating a computer.
He said that when he stuck a wonder seal on the computer, he recovered from his 
emotional instability.
This power is not my own power, so I do not feel it to be magical.
Recently my power of ESP coming through me has become stronger and stronger.
During the 15 years that I have been giving this power, I have never felt that I was 
healing people.
After finishing lecture all over Japan, I received one good piece of news after another.
Why is this ?
Because this phenomenon is revealed to me.
I cannot afford to doubt or speculate about the power that is revealed to me.
The other day, I received a request from a woman who is a Friendship Club member in 
Saitama Pref.
She told me that she wanted me to send her power so that her pain would become 
She had been notified by her doctor that she had cancer and she had to be 
After sending her power for three days to the best of my ability, she came to my office 
and said " Dr. Ishii, the cancer has vanished. "
Also another member of the Friendship Club told me with much surprise and pleasure 
that after having stuck a wonder seal on his ship, he caught 10 kg of John Dories.
Even enough I have seen such phenomenal effects of the power, I have never thought
or boasted that it is power from the eighth dimension or Super Willpower.
Because I have never felt that I was treating a patient myself.
For more than 15 years, I have consistently emphasized this point.
Since this power has become larger and stronger, many people are getting well who 
could not recover by the use of medicine, and even the doctors themselves are getting 
Speaking of doctors, I have also received many requests from hospitals.
I hope that more and more patients will hear about this power on the grapevine.
This proof should certainly be understood by everyone, all human beings, regardless of 
whether they are from the North, South, East or West.
This is not a funny story, but what would you think if gold dust come out of a Buddhist 
Needless to say, I don't think that ESP power needs to be explained in this way or that.
However, you shouldn't consciously think about ESP or have a Superior attitude 
about it.
Because " Heart " is necessary for this power.
You'd better not try to set an example for others, but instead try to become a 
believable person by acting naturally.
Do not take a pessimistic view of your ability, because you have an original 
and creative power that goes with it. 
The heart of human beings is God's heart who has created us all.
Therefore, the power that appears as ESP is not my power.
I have simple faith and do my best ---That's all.
Mr. N who graduated at the top of his class from Tokyo University, has nearly 3000
When I had an interview with him a while back, I asked him this question.
" Mr. N, your invention is remarkable ! Are your staff members all graduates of elite
universities ? "
But he answered  my question in an unexpected way.
" No, the elite cannot invent anything. All of my 100 staff members only graduated from
high school and besides that they didn't study hard when they were in school. "
I was surprised to hear this.
Now I want to especially appeal to young people.
You should not take a pessimistic view of your ability.
Because you certainly have creative power that fits your ability.
You may have thought that you had no ability after you tried to imitate someone.
I certainly think it's better to have an academic background.
However, even if you don't have it, there is nothing worry about.
I would say that doing something from inspiration is a very important thing.
You have all experienced a good idea popping into your head while walking down the 
But you have often forgotten there ideas, because you didn't act on them.
Human beings are born with a natural mechanism that being happiness, so oridinally we
are entitled to this happiness.
Education these days considers inspiration to be only a bold or wild idea, but I believe
such a thing to be instruction given by God.
Then I can show the truth, and all of the thousands of people who attend my lectures
can see the powerful source of the ESP society.
N o one can conceive of it and not a thing can be explained even with the most
advanced medical knowledge.
Everyone can immediately receive and begin to use the essence of ESP.
There is no such phenomenon anywhere else in the world today---and it hasn't
appeared since the dawn of human history.
Kindness is " pure heart "
I remember that when I was a child I was taught to be sincere in human relationships.
However, it seems to be a virtue that we only have a memory of, and something that is
very difficult to put into actual practice.
Why is this so ?
It seems as if the hearts of people have been carried far away by our current education
which is filled with ideas of egoism and conceit.
The passage of time thus puts us into a lonely state of mind and reminds me that it is
difficult to live in this world with a closed mind.
However, waves emanating from the free and tender heart are bright and eternally
This pleasure is paradise on earth.
Confrontiry the tender heart, no one can doubt or feel obraiel.
Everyone can immediately establish good human relationships.
If you act selfishly, you will have neither a tender heart nor be a thoughtful person.
After empleying your bag of frichs, your real tenderness will apear.
You will be able to integrate your heart with the hearts of others and the warmness of
sublime pleasure will be left in your daily life.
This is the reason why the ESP society is pure heart.
Without a pure heart tenderness will neither be revealed in your attitude nor will
pleasure be evident in your conversation.
Real tenderness needs a heart of truth.
If you have this heart, you will get the pleasure of the heart and the trust listeners.
Therefore, I am saying that tenderness is pure heart.
Recently when people request my autogragh I have been writing " The tender heart ia a
pure heart. "
You need not be influenced by the opinions of others about the happiness in your life.
You'll find that your life becomes more enjoyable by just thinking about it and strength
and courage, combined with a strong desire do live, will be realized more in your daily life.
The ESP society is surrounded by the concept of pure heart and beautiful flowers are
springer forth from it.
Therefore, things will become as you imagine them to be.
There are no worries or troubles in the ESP society.
Consideration of other people as mrmbers of the human race is pure heart.
Tenderness will deueled naturally from this consideration and bring pleasure.
The two-faced or hypocrital person has an intense struggle for existence.
Today's fun will become misery by tomorrow.
Everyday, if only for a moment, you should be aware of the anxieties of others.
Everyone understands the transience of life and how we are helpless in the real world.
" Helplessness " is a forbidden concept in the ESP society.
I have tried do make this point clear in all of my lectures.
A timid, pure heart is not a true pure heart.
Pure heart should not be compared to education.
By the author Katao Ishii.