Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.5

Condition of happiness part 1
In each lecture, I have been exclaiming that the first conclusive condition of happiness 
is prosperity of your business.
The basis for that is to do your best and attribute to order of Providence.
This prose is not a particularly new sentence that anyone can teach, but the language is
clear and the meaning is opaque.
Because you don't know how and don't understand what can you do as your best.
However, ESP can teach you that doing your best is very easy.
Let's act on as you think without hesitation.
This is " do your best ".
Because the action that you have calculated from the beginning is your site, it is 
difficult to become anything you want.
Conception is not your thought, it is an instruction from Providence.
If you act on and entrust yourself to the instruction, Providence will believe you.
People who are believed by Providence, of course you can achieve as think.
Also as this instruction of Providence is the instruction which sees through your 
happiness, if you follow the instruction, you will have courage in your daily life.
This is " do your best ".
It is the highest privilege that is only given to the people who are wrapped up in the 
heart of ESP.
ESP instruction tapes will give you pleasure in your daily life, even if you do not act 
consciously as a human being, only if you move from intuition to action.
" Conception and immediate action " is not blind and flippant action.
Act on as you think, if your thought changes, you change the action with it right away.
If you do the action like this from when you get up, after around ten o'clock in the 
morning, you will be able to make a living full of confidence and feeling relaxed.
Flowing out and changing thoughts are a conversion of conception for that God believes 
Entrusting with these that is " do your best and attribute to the order of Providence ".
Condition of happiness part ‡U
The second condition of the happiness is to build a bright and an enjoyable life.
The basis for the purpose is; Respond to your partner with virtue depending on 
The conversation is filled by emotion.
It seems difficult, but it is warm and is a courageous word.
How come ? Because if you don't discard your ego, this action will become fiction.
That is to say, you may be able to make a living in the thought of self-priority or 
self-interest of human beings but, you will have no satisfaction and pleasure of mind, 
and will also become stuck in anxiousness almost everyday, you are like as in the vortex 
of the struggle for existence.
The current world, which is satisfied with everything, will it be able to say 
" happiness ? "
Afresh I do not make any comments at this time, everyone will have the same mind.
In Providence, a mechanism of Earthian happiness actually exists.
Never grieve the misfortune of yourself, even though you have gotten many troubles 
and bitterness from your past and present.
Life is various, that is the phrase of my favorite song though, all people have a different
mind and life-style.
Therefore, if you have the initiative of own conversation, and make light of other's 
conversation, it is natural thing to happen, that is not accomplished.
Rather, if you have a profit, and respect other's conversation and heart, you will get 
pleasure, that is what I want to say.
Even domestic discord is the same thing.
You feel a ruinous pain and lonely in the fights of opinions, and you also feel miserable 
If your partner shows strong attitude, you become a Joker, and change the situation 
from darkness to brightness.
This is a wonderful shift of conception for your happiness.
An enjoyable life appears right away by the continual shift of conception.
Condition of happiness part 3
The 3rd condition of happiness is genial human relationships.
The basis for that is, discarding self-centered egocentrism and accommodating other's 
In whole human life, living as such with self-centered, nobody can afford to have their 
own heart.
In this case, I may say that there is no richness in that life neither.
Japan consummates the cream of high-tech science, higher education and the highest 
medicine, and now has become a big economic power in the world.
Through these, our life should also become the most enjoyable.
Of course we may say that our life become convenient though, are we really enjoying
life everyday ?
Are we happy? 
I might say that is NO.
Because of avarice and egocentric expose, these are noticed right away by the client at
the first meeting, and are also beware of you, so that it is hard to talk.
You can understand well, if you observe the enterprise's struggling as the representative
Development and prosperity of trade or business are the origin of happy life, the daily 
business is a rat race, if you don't dislodge others, you won't get the development or 
This is egoism, if you just think of it, that is a miserable life.
The gorgeous life has no sincere pleasure.
How can you change this situation is, you can get only from that, " do not use your  
card ", get pleasure of people around you, that works out the pleasure of your daily 
Speaking of people around you, as everybody knows that is a regular customer on your
business, for people who work in company that it is your work place.
We can make a living by the favorable prosperity, so that you have to put them first, 
and sincerely win their favor.
For people who take service with in company, if you think that you are employed by the
company, there are neither development nor pleasure of precious day, you feel distress.
If you think that a company uses you, your whole life is miserable.
If you think that company's job is yours, you'll have motivation to work in the company, 
that is going to be fun.
Therefore, development of your work place is prosperity, of course, you ought to be 
taken care of your company.
You think that anything is your job, and you work hard to try to increase the 
achievement of the company though, if the company doesn't deal to accept you.
There is no meaning to stay long.
Why can I say this so strongly.
Because, your life has a limit, you should make a living in useful life.
If you act on your courage, and tie into each thing, certainly your job will be enjoyable.
Good fortune will come to your family, an affluent pleasure of heart will come to you all.
Supernatural phenomenon of ESP constantly penetrates the heart of human beings.
Therefore the power improves incurable disease in a moment, even thought the disease
is hard to care by the collective effort of the best medicine has to offer.
At my lecture, one or two thousand people watched the healing of a patient with an .
incurable disease.
I think that the truth of the matter lies in whether the patient is cured of sickness. 
That is good enough.