Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.4

Healing illness with the power of ESP is the way to know about the potential
of super willpower.
The most worrisome thing of people is sickness, and the second is poverty.
If I cure these, people will trust me.
Still now, I have heard that even though the top of religions in the world, Buddha and
Jesus Christ had people walk, they healed a person who was blind.
I think the same thing.
Because of peoples trust on people and have people relieve, as mentioned before, I heal
sickness and have to relieve peoples suffering from their troubles.
There is no way to be unsuccessful.
Because ESP has the same wish for happiness of all people in the world, that is intended 
for all six billion people.
Also, I'd like all people to understand about ESP.
Unlike religion, ESP has no doctrines or dogmas.
By the above sentences, I can not explain what ESP is.
A thing that I can do is show the truth to become happy.
Instructing about all, even though I instructed them, the result needs the truth that
people can be satisfied.
Also the truth, if the effect like that " this is possible and that is impossible to
instruct ", people will not depend on me, they will be anxious.
Truly it has to be the power of world unknown or providence.
The power of ESP is neither intelligence nor technology of human beings, also it is not
my power.
Because I was given the power from a higher dimension in an instant , I've never thought
that it was my technique or work.
That's why, if there are fifty people at any lecture or meeting, I must have all people
satisfied that ESP is remarkable.
I can make them comfortable from any sickness.
At this time, I think the power is not my power, I have only the belief that I was given 
the power from God.
So, I respond and heal sickness by common sense of current medicine, because I think it
is natural.
Besides, it is not necessary to use hand techniques, I heal them with the explanation of
their body's condition by my thoughts.
This ESP power has no heads nor tails, it is completely absolute thought.
ESP power healing is the method that people can understand the existence of ESP by
their own experience.
Therefore, it appears in their business or at work.
Truth can shake the hearts of people.
It is the nucleus of happiness, ESP will expand powerfully into the life and living of 
people, accordingly it will be a bright and big circle of pleasure for the living.
Human beings are changeable.
Although, even though any wonderful great preachment of happiness can not be 
connected to this world of material civilization, but this is not a sermon.
Your desire will be shown by the truth.
There is nothing else in the world.
No matter how people evaluate and think about ESP, because of the bounds of human
being's wisdom, it is natural.
So, I don't worry about it.
However, even though people who are congealed by self-assertion and do not try to
listen to the conversation of others, they have a pure heart that is the instinct of 
human beings in the deepest part of their heart.
Pure heart appears as the action of good intentions in the unconsciousness.
You can feel it by the phenomena of ESP.
Some of the high-tech related scientists said the 21st Century is the age of the heart.
What is the age of heart ?
Do you know what to do ?
It is not the time to renew the moral training.
The heart that was only educated has no power, and has no resistance to undergo
changes of a turbulent life.
Because it is the teachings of human beings, on the relationships among people, one's
high and low education and relative merits of culture will appear from anywhere.
These will not be harmonized with human beings.
Because it is the conscious behavior.
However, Roshi said " Heaven's net will never lose vice. " 
The heavens have begun to create the world of heart.
As I mentioned above, it will become the world in that an honest person will win.
The 21st century is that in which heart and science will be harmonized together.
God knows all your past and future.
The method that you will become happy and the way of your happiness have been
decided since you were born.
If I say this, I may receive big objections.
Even though I receive all these objections, I have authority that I can get the
agreement of antis in state.
I'll explain about it so anyone can understand it easily.
There are many people who are grieving why they do not receive the rewards of their
material and moral lives, even when they are making an effort for people and render
their good intentions.
It is not only you.
So, you don't need to worry about it.
Because, you are walking on the road that was taught by another person.
The way that was taught by someone else is jammed, so you will not find out the
destination that it is huddled too.
Even though the teachings of people is great, nobody can tell that the teachings will suit
or not to your character.
How can you tell ?
Because you can not control the way as you want to.   
If it will not be controlled, you'll think about it what you are going to do next, like this or
It is said that the world is severe, that's the reason.
It is hardly necessary to say that you know completely about it.
How should you find the shortcut way of happiness ?
As I aforementioned, your life has been set by God, not by humans.
This road will reach your purpose, if you sincerely act on the things that you think in
your heart.
If you act on your intuition in good order, God will believe you, because intuition is the
thought of the God.
It is not so hard to change your fortune turn about face.
Education and consideration go beyond the limit, mental civilization forgets the existence
of heart, people think how can they operate the society and are going to try to create
the human's world artificially.
Pride of the self-confident, and the wisdom of human beings are difficult to be in
Perversion of human intelligence will produce in sanity.
This is why the world mankind is peaceful and close personally, but as for the authority
in country becomes a strong defense debater which is called the state consciousness.
The development of the country is good, but weapons for the war is unnecessary,
isn't it ?
The shortcut way of real peace is " heart ".
Human beings will not be able to become happy with wildness and caprice.
People think that they must explicate about these matters.
This is nothing more than their dependence ability style.
This is self-centeredness.
This is why it deserves to worry about the relationships.
People were born from their parents who live a different life style, even though siblings 
who have shared the same environment; life, education and their opinion of the world is  
not the same.
Besides their hobbies are individually different.
Each ones heart is not the same as the other.
And yet, they think that they want their partner to accept what they want.
People who have excessive self-consciousness don't want to try to change  their 
thoughts and persuade their actions and ideas as a goodness after all they are not 
satisfied with a partner, if that one does not become what they want.
In general, there are many diploma-oriented types of people.
It seems that they are misunderstanding what democracy means.
If I think this is their way or business, and it seems as they don't need any 
To disapprove the belief of the person means that going against the large stream of the 
democratization current.
The point of my consistent assertion is " conception and immediate action ".
According to an educational viewpoint, it may be completely reckless behavior.
Rather, struggling for considerations and discretions of what will be.
If you don't move, you can not tell if it is a success or a failure.
Suffering of human society is especially this point.
People who were brainwashed by ESP will never have a dark out look on their life.
A word of brainwashing seems that the thought background or something passing 
But the brainwashing of ESP what I say that is brainwashed by the supernatural 
phenomenon, because it  becomes an innocent brain, the massage from Providence 
comes you constantly.
Therefore, each messages are all instructions of Providence, you have to move 
This is " conception and immediate action ".
" Conception and immediate action " does not mean that you have to act or keep to  
the first conception all day long.
That is, thoughts that flow up one after another are all intuitions, and are also 
conversion of conception.
Because this is the changing of the conception that God instructs you, you'll be sure of