Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.3

I think if you have an idea of religion and have an immediately act on your
intuition, that's the best life.
" Immediately act on intuition "
This slogan is the most important thing.
I should say that it is the essence of the pure heart of ESP.
I have been speaking repeatedly that " Immediately act on intuition " in books
" Ultimate Super Willpower The first and second volume ".
I also have been repeating this slogan in many lectures all over Japan, and still now I
have kept the slogan since I started ESP.
" Immediately act on intuition ", this is not human's action.
The intuition is not one's thought and is not a thing was mode from the conscious mind.
The thought welling out from next to next is the intuition, after you wake up, you should
act on as your thoughts and act to the best of your courage.
For example, if you think you want to do something, that's the changing of intuition,
you'll move to that thing unconsciously.
I explain this is the conversion of your intuition that was given from God.
That's why you'll never fail.
From the human's side, it is rashness, thoughtless and no policy.
.But, do you have the courage that accomplishes the planning to the end ?
If you can not get your way, you'll get in trouble that feels lonely and frustrating.

It is natural that your business will not gain.

" Immediately act on intuition " has no anxiety, it has courage.

Because it is your action as you think.

Why you'll have courage?

Because of the intuition that is instructed by God.

You can experience true happiness by reading the book " Ultimate Super

Willpower "


You never look the world of ESP.

It's power that human beings never imagine.

It is not common sense, it shows the phenomenon that even the top science and the

highest medical technology which takes care of incurable disease are not at all equal to.

The supernatural phenomenon of the ESP can not be cleared forever by the knowledge

of human beings and the cream of the electronic sciences.

Why people are interested in such as universal energy and telepathy etc, but I don't

know the result of these.

Although people are doing clairvoyance and bending spoons, I don't think these are

called supernatural phenomenon, because these are no relation with each life

and the daily living of people.

Then, what is the origin of the supernatural phenomenon of ESP ?
I'll answer it grandly.
In the universe, the heart that controls Universal Creation and all things in the universe

is existing.

Also, there is the heart of human beings Creation.

The heart of the universe has not appeared since the history has started, now, as the

heart of ESP, it refreshes the hearts of humans to the heart of Creation.
The phenomenon is an incurable disease that could not be cured by the highest
For example, there is an infant who cannot walk and speak, to have him walk and say
"Thank you ".
I'm writing this manuscript  about the meeting, it remains me that the meeting was on
the 4th floor at the Tokyo area meeting on April 22.
It was ultra packed as ordinary, and people who cannot enter to the meeting hall are
watching the meeting hall's scene on the monitor TV on the third floor.
There were about two hundred people in the place.
An infant who couldn't walk since it was born  2 years ago, in front of one thousand
several hundred people are staring at, the infant began to walk, it had not passed five
minutes after he had received my power.
Everyone was full of the excited tears in the meeting, I heard women's low sobs from
all over.
The lecture and instruction to people's amazement and excitement finished in two hours
after that happened.
Just a moment I breathed, with a big voice suddenly, " Mr. Ishii, my child began walking
strongly with firm steps. Thank you Sir. " said the mother of the child.
In general, it is said that when something like this happens, it is miracle, but among 
people who take ESP, there are many happenings like this.
Only a particular person is able to cause a specific phenomenon.
Nobody can do it like this.
Even if one can do it, it needs to be trained and practiced, people think that asceticism
is necessary.
Even though traditionally ascetic practices that still remain in nowadays, it is hard to do,
I think that it is not easy.
Certainly it is hard to believe the phenomenon of ESP with common sense.
However, ESP can make things become possible from impossible things that humans
need and they can not make.
Happiness is the purpose to exist of all human beings, also peoples effort to get the
happiness everyday, if you can get it submissively, how about that ?
Now, it is possible, but, How can you make it ?
Without any faiths, trainings and practices, even efforts are not necessary.
If you think about it, it'll become what you think.
Your thoughts will remove obstacles, both material and moral.
You will notice the state immediately, your family will be bright.
Also, your heart will be bright too, you'll become a person who doesn't worry about 
things you worried about before.