Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.2

The world of God, the world of religion, the world of human beings, all exist
within your life.
Even though a person who gets teachings from religion and books, the person receives
them with the educated mind, the knowledge will not be put into daily life and 
relationships between people.
Why can't it be shown ?
Because it is not harmonized with life.
People do not understand what is the society of ESP, by the written word.
Because of the mysterious phenomenal society, explanation or understanding is not
On the truth will appear.
The world without trouble and anxiety is in your daily life now, as you currently keep
going and behave cheerfully to all people, that is the behavior of the ESP society.
Some days, you'll notice that you forget to think about yourself unconsciously.
This is your whole, say " Pure heart ".
People around you are bright, moreover, the color of your face is vivid.
Then the heart of all people is wrapped within your own heart.
It is one.
ESP society thinks you can control your life by what you think.
When most people listen to this truth, they think it cannot be done, and they do not
believe it can happen to them.
Then, they'll be confused about what to do next, even if they try to improve their life by
using only their own mind, but it is difficult to do.
Why in ESP society, without any effort your daily life can change for the better so 
In short speaking, human's society is an aggregation of strangers.
All people are thinking about how to be rich and happy in their daily life, they think only
money and commodities can make them rich in their daily life, and are thinking about the
way to get them.
They think the way to live is only by one's desire, and an in extreme cases, there are
many people who don't care about others.
It is said that the world looks like a Buddha statue on the surface, but the inside is like
a devil.
I might say that this is called survival competition.
Because human society is a connected society, if it has the virtue of mutual aid, the
daily life would be enjoyable.
People think about it, but it is difficult to do, because the action comes from the
conscious, that's why its action doesn't reach to the heart of people sincerely.
To keep going to communicate with others enjoyably and brightly is walking on the happy
life together.
Of course you forget to think about yourself.
And without noticing sometimes you'll feel that your job is going in a good direction.
If you avoid self-assertion in the contents of the conversation, and you think mainly
about your partner's hopes and wishes, and you always intend to talk enjoyable, your job
will then become enjoyable.
Then you'll never lose.
As I explained before, I didn't have time to think about any religions, but the attitude of
the religion is pure.
Because it is behavior without ego.
In the world of the religion, if you are absorbed in something that you thought in this
humans society, your heart would be stable, you can search and correspond to
everything gently, you'll never lose your way.
In that time, you wouldn't feel that you have idle thoughts.
Even yourself, you'll be able to have wondrous thoughts.
This is intuition, the intuition is your beautiful thoughts that comes from your sincere 
Anyone remembers when one is walking on the street and while working, suddenly, you
have a thought in your head strongly, you feel like " Oh " then your action will be
activated with strong confidence, things also will be good for you thoughts.
Because of the action that after you have been thinking too much like this or that, this
is natural, there is no conscious thought, which is polluted by the humans society, it is
I might say that the world of God is in your daily life, that is the certain reason why.
Revelations from God that are the happy guide post will not appear without " always 
act on your intuition ".
" Acting on your intuition " of ESP is completely different from the acting
on your general intuition.
What is the difference between the act on your intuition that people say and the act on
your intuition of ESP ?
I'll explain simply about the motive and origin of them.
People are deeply interested in " acting on their intuition, but this is my life, and I'm
surprised that society has been changing so quick, besides I would like to applaud it.
People have been educated strong since they were a child like that " when you are
going to across the bridge, you have to knock on the bridge to make sure if you can
across, even it is made of stone ", and " you have to act on after you thought enough
about anything ".
Also, this has been based on the education for a long time.
But nowadays, the basis of education has become complex, and sensitive brains will be
confused, finally they'll become so they do it and understand what they are doing.
I might say that it is a natural result.
People are brainwashed that intuition has to be thought deeply, and you have to act
carefully about anything, if you don't, you'll get in trouble, like that.
In these cases, their action has no stabilize, they will become to pay attention about
anything, and will look the society is so small, because of the sick to self-assertion, the
relationship will become always self-centered, and because of the intuition comes from
such an environment, if one moves to action immediately, it has no target and has no
positive ness.
Why did I think like that, because nowadays, there are many of these kinds of books in
bookstore, but nobody admires them.
Then, what s the origin of ESP's intuition, I might say that its intuition doesn't come 
from general education.
I think people who read my book the first time do not understand what I've explained
about above at all, but " The Ultimate Super Willpower series the first and second
volume " have been publishing on more than one million sellers.
I hear from a person who had read my book more than one hundred times, and says 
that his heart would be stabilized by the reading step by step, also says that people
around the person became bright too.
There is a lady who has a student refuses schooling, someday she put the book into
the student's back pack, the student would beg to go back to school again.
A hundred thousands  of people have already experienced these phenomena of the ESP
through their daily life.
If you take the instruction of the ESP, from the beginning, within a few minutes, you'll
feel something different.
A person who read this book the first time, you think it is falsehood, but nobody can
prove the potential energy of the ESP.
Nobody speaks certain eloquence without the truth.
You have been reading this book until here, how is your mind now ?
Besides, as I told you before, if you have any uncomfortable part of your body, first
time you think it, then count up to 60, you'll feel something.
You can experience the ESP phenomenon even through this book.
This is the environment of the ESP.
The intuition appears from this environment is so fresh and fine.
In each lectures I have asserted that " it is the intuition which starts to lead you from
Act on immediately, your daily life will tend toward the enjoyable ".
Many people come to the lecture, but there is no person who complains about ESP.
Rather, I hear a lot of pleasure from people who their daily life has changed for the
good by ESP, I might say that's my pleasure.
That's why, many people come to the lecture every time.
It happened in January of this year, the next morning of the first Sunday at the
Friendship Club's lecture in Osaka.
I got a phone call from a lady of the Friendship Club, it was a bright and clear voice.
She said " When I got home after the lecture, even my daughter who is 25, she has
never helped me anything until now, but she prepares dinner and makes the bath ready,
and she has waited me.
I can not expect the potentiality of the ESP, because of the changing person's heart
and mind like this, I think there is something that controls humans.
Something happens that's only God can.
You can distinguish the intuition that comes from the origin and comes from cultivation 
of one's mind.