Ultimate super willpower  The third volume  Part.1


By Katao Ishii " Ultimate Super Willpower The third volume "

Published by Zenbunsha

Translated by Kenya Matsuda.

The quickest and easiest way to be happy depending on ESP
In my lecture, the only way to make people understand the power of ESP is to show
them the truth.
I have been receiving so many letters from people who have experienced ESP power
miracles such as recovering from an incurable disease and they expressed their
gratitude so happily.
I mostly described and introduced these letters in the Super Willpower The first and 
second volumes.
To prove this phenomena, I must treat and relieve the incurably diseased patient in
front of an audience.
It takes almost two and half-hours to give a lecture and instruction to the audience.
During this time, I usually correspond with fifty or sixty incurably diseased patients.
Doctors have diagnosed all of the patients with serious conditions such as gastric or
liver cancer, being mute, having a buzzing in their ears, hearing loss, rheumatism, 
incurable patients, even a child who cannot walk because of cerebral palsy and so on.
On top of that, I never know what kind of patient will raise their hand.
For example a person who is suffering from an operation complication or harmful side
effects from medicine.
ESP power treatment is a treatment that goes beyond psychic power, other super 
human powers and even human knowledge.
It comes from a more powerful source, and this is why,  the patients will get well or
recover in just one treatment with this power.
I can say that if there are 60 patients in the hall, all of them will completely recover
within 2 minutes.

Even if there are a few people who can not feel fully recovered but they must have

experienced over 70 percent effect of the treatment immediately.

If I can not get your trust and satisfaction to our treatment, ESP science research

institute will not continue to exist any more.

If I lose your trust, our institute will cease to exist.

I am not the only one who maintains this institute.

Nowadays, over 2000 people are studying and living under the ESP Institution.

I have taken responsibility for them.

So, I have been giving lectures at the risk of my own life.

Is it tragic or audacious?

However, I have confidence in myself. Why?

This power is not my power.

I have a strong faith that the power was given to me as a gift.

I devote every day with this strong faith for people's happiness.

Impossibilities become possibility.

This is the first time; I have experienced such wonderful things in my life.

Why I called this power e the given power f is that I was not interested in super human

power, psychic or spiritual power; however, I could treat the patients and then they
recovered immediately, even though I had not studied anything about them.

The products with the ESP power will lead you to the happiness.

So they are not ordinary products which exist in the general society.

It is not too much to say that our incredible Miracle appliances can see into your heart.

Even though science has invaded our hearts, our pure heart remains.
Even if science continues to remain in our hearts into the 21st Century, it will still be
the era of the heart.
The power of the heart is the same as the power of magma in the center of the earth
which is the same as the heart of God.
People who can act with ideas which come up suddenly in their mind, we do
not see any ability difference between these people, because they do not
act on their own wisdom.

Usually, people will make an effort and study to be well off.

However, it is not so easy to accomplish.

One might go so far as to say that human's ability that is trained by another human has


The brain which goes beyond boundaries makes the human mind solidified

physically, then from excess education caused by lack of human activities, we can see
people trying to make things go through with self-opinion.

I suppose you are having a hard time trying to understand what I have told you.

Then, do you know what to do next.

The minds uneasiness (anxiety) does exist in human society, however we do not have

any of these feelings, on the contrary, here in ESP society, we are all full of hope.
To be made possible from the impossible, is neither miracle nor coincidence.
Whatever will be, will be but it will become whatever you think it will become.

Nowadays, this life philosophy is not in common use in human society.

However, if you can only do your best, life will change to the way you want it to in ESP


It naturally happens in our society, because it consists of true minded and pure hearted

Our education is dependent on the truth.

So every month at the seminars I tell the audience " do it, so then you will have your

own wonderful experience ".

There is no way to educate people to have an experience immediately of what I have

just told them.