Ultimate super willpower  The second volume  Part.6

The present and the future
What is life ?
The more we doubt or hesitate, the darker our lives will be.
As the energy of the universe has given the earth north and south poles, everything in
this world has extremities : light and darkness, positive and negative.
With the power for happiness -- let me also call it Gods' power or the cosmic energy --
which is given equally to all people and my case, through revelation, I am changing
darkness into light and negative into positive.
Now and for the future, as long as my life lasts, I wish with all my heart to continue to
bring vital happiness to all people.
What is the eighth dimensional power I have been sharing with people ?
As I have written throughout this book, I consider this power to be the energy which lies
in the mechanism of universal creation.
I have never thought of defining it as anything else.
The solemn reality that a person is born to be happy is programmed into the mechanism
of the universe from the beginning.
Therefore, the actualization of many seemingly miraculous phenomena, which only God
can show, is simply a proof of the mechanism.
As you can see, super willpower or supernatural power is not something which can be
clearly explained.
But these countless facts are sufficient proof, aren't they ?
To you who have finished reading this book
You who have finished reading this book have basked in the eighth dimensional power
generating from the book and have at least, I presume, been able to gain encouragement
and hope.
All the facts introduced are not something frivolous like suggestive therapy.
Indeed, they reflect the might of the cosmic energy.
Well then, what is the ultimate super willpower ?
Almost all supernatural powers widely known among people demand faith as a
pre-requisite and are often intertwined with spiritual power.
And further, it is frequently said that it is difficult to experience these powers, as they
require some aberrant ascetic training.
However, as for this eighth dimensional power, anyone can experience it and instantly
see its deeds.
I know firmly through solemn facts and experience that this power can be applied not
only to diseases but also to business, household matters, children, agriculture and
I have been given this power in this uncertain age to actualize world peace and the
happiness of all humanity.
So the reason why I can call this " the ultimate super willpower " is because I believe
that this eighth dimensional power is the only thing which can save people.
As the proverb goes, " Seeing is believing. "
Those of you who would like to ascertain the power with your five senses, whether you
are going to believe it or not, are welcome to attend my lectures.

By the author Katao Ishii.