Ultimate super willpower  The second volume  Part.5

People were born to enjoy their lives in affluence
Life is not difficult or dark.
It is joyful and bright.
Because we doubt and hesitate, our lives become dark.
What do you do after you wake up in the morning ?
You may feel like going out to buy a pack of cigarettes or you may feel like having a cup
of coffee.
Let me say now that whatever comes first to your minds must be the voice of God.
Just listen to that voice and follow it straightforwardly.
There must be no room for doubt or insecurity.
That is how Gods' teaching works.
Before you try to apply your senses, before you get wrapped up with misguided notions,
simply be open-minded and yield to whatever comes to your mind.
Then put it into action each time.
When I tell those with shoulder aches that I will relieve their pain, some refuse me,
fearing involvement with some strange religious sect.
But why doubt ?
Something good will come to you if instead of hesitating you take action.
If you keep groping about for the words of wise men, if you keep reading and rereading
their books, you will get nowhere.
Devoting my life to this willpower
I have indeed devoted my life to this power.
I have channeled this power to many people, as it is the kind of power that can be 
shared with everyone.
Do you know anyone in the world with supernatural power or artistic ability who can 
share their power with others, as I do ?
I have heard of men in Tibet who sublimate themselves to spiritual power, abandoning
normal human life.
And I've heard that in India, there are those who perform remarkable acts.
They may be able to perform certain deeds, but they can not share their power with
others in the way I do.
They can not relieve pain or solve problems as I have done in public, for all to see.
None of these claiming to have supernatural power can bring to others the kind of
I must say that skill, which is acquired by training or practice, is not what brings
happiness to human beings.
This power is given by God to humankind, and hence lies within each one of us.
So anyone can manifest this power.
Because this power originates with God, no one can use it for evil purposes.
I posses this power of God within myself as does everyone else.
What make me unique is simply that God has chosen to direct the energy through me,
that I was given the task of God, the universal task, to prove the power to you.
Thus, I have devoted my life to guiding you.
Conception and immediate action : That is my belief
For 20 years after the war, I led an honest and earnest life, always trying hard in my
own way to do what was best.
Recalling my boyhood in Saga and my lonesome adolescence in China, I wonder what
has supported me and kept me going.
The moment I experienced hardship, I leapt into action.
I have continuously tried to convert " minuses " into " pluses " and I have always been
concerned with the welfare of others.
That was what supported me, an ordinary person, during those difficult years.
Having changed jobs many times for various reasons, I came to Osaka, where I found
employment with a large housing development company.
I worked for them for 18 years as a man whose only recommendation was honesty,
leading a regular salaried mans' life, not affluent, but happy in my own way.
But then in February 1975 I had a strange personal experience and received a
revelation from God.
My life underwent a drastic change.
Although there was some time left before retirement, I took the plunge and opened
a Willpower Therapy Clinic in my hometown of Saga in July 1975, treating incurable
diseases which even doctors had given up on.
I received about 20 patients per day, and everybody was satisfied with my treatment.
Conception and immediate action -- something I learned through my poor childhood
has become the guiding principle in my life.
The might of the willpower increased, especially when I realized that it was not mine
but the power from God.
However, Saga was then a remote country place, and the number of those who visited
me was limited.
It was an isolated area heavily influenced by religious traditions and customs.
Those who grew up in the area found it difficult to free themselves from those
influences, and so, for their benefit, in 1977 I undertook a public demonstration of 
super willpower.
During the demonstration, I cured the ailments of 60 persons in eight hours.
In other words, I was treating seven to eight persons per hour.
It was a challenge.
It was my wish to bring joy and share the power I was given by God with as many as
I spent these days engaged in serious activity, feeling pressure within myself to
eradicate the suffering of patients at any cost.
It was the task given to me to cure people, no matter what their conditions were.
In treating people, what I needed was not confidence ; instead, all I had to do was to
convince myself again that I had, in reality, received a revelation from God.
I had noting but this sole wish : to use this power, which requires no surgeons' knife and
no medicine, to save those in pain and trouble.
And at the same time, by saving others from their agony, I have enriched this energy by