Ultimate super willpower  The second volume  Part.4

Telephone treatment
People are often surprised when they hear that willpower can be transmitted over the
This is not strange when you stop and think carefully, because time and distance have
nothing to do with cosmic energy.
The energy passes through objects ; in this case, just use the telephone to confirm the
First, I have the patient hold the receiver against his ear.
Then, I put the receiver down and let energy radiate from my hands for about two or
three minutes.
I have used this treatment frequently in the past and its effect is precisely the same as
that of direct treatment.
Remote treatment
The most crucial difference between present medical science and the willpower remedy
is that willpower can treat people in remote places.
Willpower can be sent through time and space as long as the person who is receiving the
power is specified.
The method is the same as that of the direct treatment.
All I need to do is to concentrate in prayer on the person to whom I am sending the
As long as I specify the person who is to receive the power, I can send it to a
photograph of that person.
The convenience of this method is obvious.
What is God ?
During my lectures, I often use the word " God. "
I have already said in Chapter Two of this book that the power I possess is not a
religious or spiritual power, but if God in any true sense really exists in this world, I
believe that this energy must be that of God.
People accept this power differently.
And the amount of energy each person receives is different as well.
However, I believe that honesty and forthrightness ultimately do not significantly
influence a persons' receptivity to this power.
The power may manifest itself quickly with some people and slowly with others.
At any rate, I believe that this cosmic energy is what people mean when they refer to
" God. "
Saving boys and girls who refuse to go to school
All people are predisposed to rise against oppression ; therefore, I think that the problem 
of children who refuse to go to school can be attributed to human nature.
Are they really truants or loafers ?
Their problem is merely an expression of natural tendencies.
However, I also understand very well the confusion these children and their families
I met a girl in the eighth grade who admitted that she hated school.
She said she was going to be 14 years old on the 4th of June.
She asked me if it was foolish of her to skip school.
We started talking about the problem and I tried to share with her what knowledge I 
The girl, who had read my book, said.
" Your book says that compulsion will not solve the problem of truancy and that the
cause of truancy and the reason children hate school may be one and the same. I
wanted to run away whenever I was forced to go to school. I also think that even if a
child is forced to abandon her juvenile delinquent friends, it would be impossible for her
to go on as if nothing had happened. "
I could tell from the way she talked that she was very strong minded.
Concentrating as deeply as possible, I sent the girl willpower.
One Saturday afternoon, about two months later, the girl gave me a call.
Her voice as clear and strong as when she first spoke to me, she told me that she had
returned to school two weeks earlier and had become a member of the basketball club.
So her problem was solved.
These happy results convinced me that the energy must be flowing in big waves from 
the heart of the universe to my heart, and through mine to the hearts of those troubled
Cosmic energy is the infinite power
Humanity is promised happiness in life
One of my philosophical principles is " Conception and immediate action " I also believe
that people can make good out of evil and that they are promised happiness.
I know as a fact that this is characteristic of cosmic energy.
Among the many kinds of energy, this strong and positive cosmic energy is quickly,
powerfully, and impartially generated to all human beings.
From sorrow to joy.
From pessimism to optimism.
By making the best use of my power, I want to put everyone on a happy course.