Ultimate super willpower  The second volume  Part.3

Lettuce grows twice as big
Once, a big corrugated cardboard box was delivered to me as I was giving a willpower
It was from a man who lived in Shizuoka prefecture.
Opening the box I found a big head of lettuce inside.
Since I like vegetables, this fresh, leafy lettuce pleased me.
The enclosed letter said that this man directed the willpower to the seeds and having
planted them in his field, he harvested the lettuce, which were fresher,
of better color, and twice as big as those harvested by his fellow farmers.
It was an enjoyable experience, he said, but after all, the agricultural cooperative
association could not price the lettuce from one farmer higher
than others.
He discussed it with his fellow farmers and they have decided that all the farmers in the
village will get together next year and direct the willpower to the seeds.
The lettuce had arrived at about the time they were to ship oranges.
And so the clerks of the agricultural cooperative association worked hard at the
warehouse every day using the ESP tape.
The letter further said that they were recommending the use of the tape not only for
sick people, but for farmers as well.
Willpower brings about a successful haul of fish
I was asked to lecture in Tsushima in Nagasaki prefecture in July of 1986 ; rather, I
should say, I was asked to give a willpower treatment.
I was told that their local fishing industry had been depressed and people all over the
Island were in financial trouble.
As I was determined to help, I postponed another lecture, around the same time, until
three months later.
Arriving at Tsushima, I could not see the shadow of a single fish in the blue, transparent
The ocean was calm and it was hard to imagine that this island was once a place of 
I was standing at the bow of the boat when it left shore.
I looked at the sky, praying from the bottom of my heart and sent the power to the 
open sea in all directions, concentrating on the problem and asking for successful fishing.
All the fishermen on the boat put their hands together in prayer.
I spoke only the following words : " Everything is going to be all right. "
A week later, on a hot summer evening when I was back in Tokyo, I received a phone 
call from Tsushima.
" Dr. Ishii, the squid-fishing boat has just come back. Good gracious ! The largest catch
we've ever had. The dock is in an uproar "
I could picture in my head those honest island people standing beside the blue ocean, 
sharing their joy with one another.
Treatments you can try yourself
The three methods of the willpower therapy
I am not a man of healing and certainly not a doctor.
I am just helping others according to a revelation from God and hence my remedies are
merely a way of helping others.
As the heart of cosmic energy is omniscient, I am not bound to one idea or any absolute
from of remedy.
However, through past experience, three methods have proved effective.
Direct treatment
With this method, I ask a patient to visit me.
I will most of the time, know what the patient needs by facing him directly.
It is difficult in the internal organ, to find exactly what is wrong but within two or three
minutes, I generally know.
In deep concentration, I visualize my hands holding the affected part of the patient.
I do this only in my mind, without actually touching the patient, and I direct the cosmic
energy with all my might.
I am not worried because it is not my power, but Gods.
The energy from above my hands and the pressure from below my hands are emitted
through me, the medium.
When in deep concentration, I seal in and focus the power emanating from my hands on
the affected area.
I soon feel some movement in the area.
Then I release the affected part and it is instantly purified.
Another example happened like this : While I was sending power to a woman suffering
from a cold and, therefore, wearing a sweater and knitted socks in summer, I felt,
without touching her, as if something was clogged in her legs.
I used the power to sweep away whatever was blocking her legs.
It was as if a plugged hose had been cleared.
When I told her that the blood vessel of her legs had been blocked, she asked in her 
surprise and wonder,
" How did you know that I have a problem with my legs ? "