Ultimate super willpower  The second volume  Part.1


By Katao Ishii " Ultimate Super Willpower The second volume "

Published by Zenbunsha

Toward happiness !
It is not too late for Cosmic Energy to save you !
I published The Ultimate Super Willpower, the first volume, some time ago, and since it 
was published I have received letters expressing joy and deep appreciation.
I feel the same great joy and each time I finish reading one of these letters, I feel the 
same gratitude.
Each time I finish reading one of these letters, I weep with gratitude.
But I am not weeping because the effectiveness of my power has been confirmed.
On the contrary, I simply accept the fact that the power is affecting people through me,
for I am but a medium who uses the power to save others.
I weep because I share the joy with those saved, and because I am filled with gratitude.
I feel grateful for having put forth my effort to prove this power.
Since The Ultimate Super Willpower was published, I have continued to give lectures
throughout Japan, demonstrating the power that instantly relieves the pains of others.
A great many people have witnessed the facts and see that there are no two sides and
no hidden story behind the - as yet undefined SUPER WILLPOWER.
What is the essence of the eighth dimensional cosmic energy ?
Even though I didn't use the word " heart " in the first volume, I would like to use it 
here, because cosmic energy has the " heart " to bring joy to so many people, by 
saving them not only from serious illness but from other problems as well.
Cosmic power, by its very nature, is conveyed to and effects every living thing on the
earth, all inanimate objects, including sources of fuel, and even complex machinery and
Most noticeably, it brings prosperity to business where people have failed.
Because there is energy in the mechanism of the universe, the power I possess has its
own reality, and because it has its own reality all things become possible.
The Cosmic Energy exists for Human happiness.
Willpower can be infused into objects.
Therefore, despite my advanced age, I want to share the power I was given from God
with as many of my fellow human beings as possible, I meet with many suffering persons
and relieve them of their pains.
Unfortunately, however, no matter how hard I try, my actions are bound to be limited by
time allotted to me.
Yet, as the energy of the universe is omniscient, it has given me the ability to infuse my
power into objects in order to help humanity.
If those who are in trouble and suffer from pains possess objects infused with the super
willpower, their suffering will be relieved, even without my meeting them.
This way more people can be saved.
It is far greater than a Nobel prize.
I was so touched at the generosity of the universe in giving me so much ability that I
was moved to tears.
As a result of this, astonishing things have taken place - all of which have been proved.
The seals, tapes, pendants, blankets and head bands which are infused with willpower are
all splendidly effective.
As I have said, this eighth dimensional power of the universe manifests its strength not
only through people but also through animals and plants.
All people must become happy
The cosmic energy I possess can make every living creature on earth happy.
Cosmic energy can be divided into different kinds, such as energy for thinking, acting,
eating, fighting and living.
It also includes, I believe, the energy that brings unhappiness, as well as the the energy I
possess; that which brings happiness to humanity.
Furthermore, the power of this positive cosmic energy can be given to everyone equally.
It is sent to the core of the human soul, especially when one is unhappy.
This power  can undo any unhappy situation, can redeem any unhappy life.
What are seals ?
Recently I was asked by a young man if the pyramid shape of the ESP seal has any 
As the phrase " eighth dimensional " has no specific meaning, this shape has no specific
meaning, either.
I decided that it would be better for the seal to have a specific shape and a designer
came up with the pyramid.
But it would not change the effectiveness of the energy if the seal had four or five