Ultimate super willpower  The first volume  Part.4

Remote treatment
A person in even the remotest place can receive the treatment.
The most inconvenient thing about modern medicine is that treatment cannot be
performed without a doctor present.
Also depending on the case, treatment cannot be performed in the absence of a
hospital or other facilities.
This means that there is nothing for people living in remote places to do when they get
sick but to wait for death.
And in fact, the administering of medical treatment to people living in remote areas has
become a society wide problem.
However, if one has my eighth dimensional power it is possible to perform medical
treatment in remote areas without hardship.
The difference between remote treatment and telephone treatment is merely the
difference between using a phone or doing without it.
If one doesn't have a phone, as long as one can specify the person to receive the
treatment, it is possible to send willpower to that person.
All there needs to be is the thought within me, "send willpower to this person".
The methodology of thinking and then realizing is no different from that of the direct
If you focus your willpower on the person in question, the eighth dimensional power
will span both time and distance.
As an example, were I to have you write down the name and the symptoms of the
person to receive the power.
That alone would be enough.
As long as I know who is beset by what sort of trouble, my willpower will act selectively
to purify this person of his morbid symptoms.
It doesn't matter where that person is.
This is the raison d'etre of remote treatment.
There is nothing that need be supplemented to eighth dimensional power.
It is perfect.
It is complete and perfect vis-a-vis everything.
About myself
I have always been poor at thinking deeply.
When I start thinking, I stop moving.
I do not search inward for any sort of self oriented logic, either.
More than that, I am incapable of such a thing.
It is my guiding principle that one must maintain a healthy and robust body and spirit, 
and remain free from worry and doubt.
I have never been able to stand still and ponder things leisurely.
The wellspring of my supernatural power lies in the immediate conversion of thought
into action, all with a bright and positive spirit which does not see the suffering of
people as suffering.
This I believe.
At lectures, and such, I often receive questions concerning why I came to possess such
great power.
Naturally, my answer is that the power is not within me.
I am a common man.
None of my ancestors were great either.
However, thinking on the origin of that strange personal experience in February 1975
which eventually led to my possession of supernatural power, I should probably have to
say that these roots lie in my life philosophy of thought followed by action.
For me, this unhesitating move from thought to action is quite enjoyable.
I intend to use this divine gift in full to help people.
This is the work God has bestowed upon me.
For that reason I intend to expend all my power in its service.
Almost all that is normally said and assumed about supernatural power presupposes
religious belief.
Moreover, even if one has faith and undertakes ascetic training, mastery of the power
remains difficult.
However, this eighth dimensional power can be mastered by anyone, its miracle
bestowed to anyone.
This is why I am convinced that world peace will come from eighth dimensional power.
There are no limits to eighth dimensional power.
Beginning with illness, then extending to work and business, the home, and human
relations, the power creates miracles everywhere.
Precisely because this willpower exists, our lives are materially and spiritually abundant.
There is no doubt that in field's ranging from agriculture to commerce, from science
manufacturing, willpower will eventually make the possible out of the impossible--on
a global scale.
Eighth dimensional power has materialized for the purpose of making human beings
happier, to bring them benefits.
I call this the Ultimate Super Willpower because I believe that this eighth dimensional
power is the only thing that can save our world from falling into degeneracy.
Those of you who have personally experienced eighth dimensional power with this book
have, like myself, now been given a charge by God to go to the aid of all other human

By the author Katao Ishii.