Ultimate super willpower  The first volume  Part.3

Direct treatment
Direct treatment is a method where in I effect treatment with the patient and myself
in positions directly opposite each other.
First, I have the patient enter the treatment room and go to a seated position directly
in front of me.
Saying treatment room does not mean that it it equipped with any ostentatious
It is merely an empty room.
I sit down facing the patient.
I have the patient close his eyes so that he can concentrate his spirit.
Then I concentrate with my heart, I myself do not ask for detailed effects.
It is not I who is doing the healing.
It is God.
Therefore, even if I were to say please do this or please do that, it does not necessarily
mean that those requests would be realized in their exact form.
What is realized is only that which suits the will of eighth dimensional power.
Just think of mine as the role of a man holding his hand over the patient.
In any case, I hold my hand over the patient.
Then, I come to assume a stance, naturally.
I concentrate.
At this moment all of my willpower is taken up in concentration.
In due course, a pressure starts to work on my hand from below, where upon my hand
starts to move naturally.
When I call myself a medium, it is because I have personal experiences of this kind.
To repeat myself, I do not heal : God heals.
What the movement of my hand signifies I do not know.
But when it happens, the illness heals.
Perhaps the movement of my hand is a means for adjusting the flow of the energy.
It is also conceivable that the universal energy passes through my body and then
radiates from my finger tips.
During this time, my hand comes to feel something.
This is the diseased area.
There upon, the disharmony felt by hand is allowed to escape.
When this occurs, the patient is purified.
Telephone treatment
Telephone treatment can be performed even if the patient does not come to the phone
in person.
The reason for using the telephone is that some people are too busy to meet me in
However, it doesn't mean that there is some special effectiveness realized by using the
The time required is one minute, but in extreme cases two minutes may be required.
This is enough.
There is no need to concentrate the power for a long time.
There are many cases in which another member of the family comes on the phone in
place of the ill person.
Treatment can be carried out even in these cases.
There is no change in the effectiveness of the treatment.
Doubtless there are people who doubt whether willpower can be sent by telephone.
But my power is unrelated to time and distance.
Just because the patient is at a distance does not mean that the power weakens.
Also, as I have written, the telephone line is not what conveys my willpower.
As long as I can verify the person to whom I will send my willpower, that is enough.
That is the reason for using the telephone.