Ultimate super willpower  The first volume  Part.2

Right now the world is at peace.
Saying this, there are surely areas of unrest and dissatisfaction still to be found.
So, let's limit this and say most of the world is at peace.
A day doesn't go by that doesn't see me thinking about peace for mankind.
The final end of eighth dimensional power lies in that direction.
Healing illnesses and saving businesses are just the first steps forward, realizing that
there is a more comprehensive goal.
I will explain here a little bit about willpower therapy itself.
I would like to make it clear that I am not a man of healing.
Of course I am not a doctor either.
I am a person who saves people according to revelation.
I would like you to think of my treatment of illness as only one side aspect of my overall
However, there is nothing worse in the world than illness.
Therefore I put all my energy into the treatment of these illnesses.
Also, there are no fixed rules and predetermined methods in the treating of illness by
The three methods I will introduce to you here are simply those that succeeded
according to my natural application of them as they came to me borne by the voice of
There are no rules.
Well then, to the willpower methods.
There are presently three styles of treatment ( Direct treatment, telephone treatment, 
and remote treatment ).
Direct treatment is done directly in front of the patient.
Telephone treatment involves the sending of willpower by telephone.
And remote treatment refers to the sending willpower from a location remote from the
I will give a general explanation here of the three respective treatment methods.
Saying " treatment method " is not meant to imply anything special.
None the less, I would like to give a brief explanation for the reader's reference.