Ultimate super willpower  The first volume  Part.1


By Katao Ishii " Ultimate Super Willpower The first volume "

Published by Zenbunsha.

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At that moment, I realized that this was a revelation from God, that I was perhaps 
being commanded to go to the aid of my fellowman.
There was no proof, no evidence, but somewhere inside me was the conviction that 
this was true.
It was an intuition.
And I was determined to be faithful to this intuition.
What is the true character of eighth dimensional power ?
This is not something I myself am completely clear about.
But I believe it is one kind of cosmic or universal energy.
I mentioned a revelation from God, but I have never been a believer in religion.
I use the term" power of God " because talk of cosmic energy is vague and obscure 
and difficult to understand.
The person who described my power as being of the eighth dimension was Professor 
Kazumitsu Masaki of the engineering department at Osaka University.
That eighth dimensional power is emanating from this book right now.
It's true character is that of cosmic energy.
I am not interested in religion, in addition to that, if spirit forces were to come to me, 
I would reject them.
Therefore, I am not possessed by any kind of spirit force.
In any case, this book I wrote has the power to heal the pain in people's bodies.
Before you begin doubting, I want you to give it a test.
If you have a headache right now, press this book to your forehead.
If you have a toothache, lay this book against your cheek.
If you have a stomach ache, hug this book to your stomach.
If your lower back hurts, hold this book against your lower back.
How does it feel ?
You should feel better after two minutes.
Count slowly to one hundred and twenty while holding this book against the area that 
ails you.
After this your pain should feel lighter.
This is super willpower.
I would like you to read the letter of the young woman from Kagawa Prefecture which
said, " the flavors of the biscuit and tobacco that were on the catalogue have
changed. "
This is not something which occurred because I desired to make it so.
It just suddenly happened.
On the cover of the catalogue there is printed the mark of eighth dimensional power 
just as there is on the cover of this book.
The power came from that mark.
When it is said by the people around me that the flavor has changed, I think, Hmmm !!
At those times, I myself am surprised at the greatness of the power.
But the catalogue is not the only thing out of which this power materializes.
Seals are made at the research institute which bear the mark of eighth dimensional 
Tremendous power emanates from these seals, as well.
The original reason for creating these seals was that I wanted more people to make 
use of my power.
The fundamental principle is the same as that of the ESP tape.
Since I created it, it has become the source of constant surprises.
Supernatural power is a power beyond physics.
In other words, it is a power which cannot be explained by contemporary human
This is where the mystery and the potential of supernatural power lies.
Supernatural power has a long history.
No doubt, since human beings appeared on the face of this earth, supernatural power
has been one of the riddles of humankind.
A good example of this is the people living in antiquity and through out the
middle ages who brought into their lives and made use of invisible powers of many 
shapes and forms.
However, all this changed when human beings became conscious of science.
To put it another way, when man came to desire rapid progress, his circumstances
There is no question but that the world has progressed.
However, this is progress in physical and material terms, not progress of human spirit.
The spiritual barrenness and sterility of the modern era are often cited by evidence.
Witness the endless examples of spiritual decadence in the modern era, the misdeeds 
of today's youth and the ghettoizing of the world's major metropolises are high on
the list.
The human heart is closed.
If too much is made of logic, the natural conclusion will be the decline of imagination.
Things which should be visible become invisible.
I do not believe that we can only see what is visible to the human eye.
This becomes obvious upon examination of the oft-cited sixth sense.
Human beings see many things other than what they are looking at.
However, if you become a slave to logic, you will lose the ability to see those things
you should be able to see.
Everyone speaks of science, science, science.
But physics is not the only science.
The evidence of this is that physics hasn't yet solved the riddle of life.
When it comes to the problems of the human spirit, it may be impossible for physics to 
shed any light on these problems.
Indeed, science is science, but what is needed is a way of thinking that surpasses