There is a cancellation effect ( of Physical and mental pain ), distress of mind and body
by using the esper seal.
For body problems, stick a seal on the problem place.
It is nice to use many seals, the number whichever you think is good enough.
If the place you have put a seal becomes itchy, stick it onto your underwear.
In case of injury, or if it isn't possible to stick on the part of your body directly, stick
onto plasters or bandages.
It is good practice exchanging seals every 2 or 3 days or every day.
By just putting on the seal, your feeling will be stabilized.
In case of mental pain, stick it onto the central part of your chest, forehead and
underneath your navel.
The direction of the symbol mark is random.
And, the seals you have used, bury them in garden plants or vegetables, it makes them
grow very well.
It is possible to use for crops and farm products to increase productivity.