There are basically two ways how to listen to the ESP instruction tapes.
Application 1.
The method of listening to the tape is by ear phone or headphone.
It works to become feeling as if it were charging ESP power ( super willpower ) into
your body and mind and keeping you in a good condition.
Your pure heart ( super willpower ) in your mind will magnify gradually.
You can feel that you are alternating with a happy mechanism of the universe.
Do not think about anything, as much as possible, while listening to the tape, and it's
important that you clear the inside of your mind.
After that, you'll become calm and stable.
The stress of your mind and body will be nullified by listening to the tape.
It doesn't matter how long you listen for.
Make sure you always listen to the tape daily.
To continue is important.
If you don't listen to the tape everyday, your super willpower will become dormant
Application 2. 
The way of playing the sound of the tape from a speaker.
You can bring a tape deck to any where you want, e.g. your office or shop.
The place where you play ESP tape is always alternating with your willpower, also the
people in that place are alternating with your willpower unconsciously,
which means they will become calm and relaxed.
The environment ( human relations ) of each office will gradually become brighter.
One play a day is enough to be effective.