Health foods  No.2



Esper Green is a balanced health food which is a mixture of vegetables that contain
many different kinds of Green, yellow and red colors with B-carotene, iron, vitamins,
minerals and the main component Jews' mallow.
These components are essential for good health, especially with today's spordic eating
Esper Green will suit those who want to keep in good health but who tend to lack of
sufficient variety of vegetables.
Please use it for all the family.
It is absolutely essential for the maintenance of good health.

90g  (3g x 30 packs)  One box   5,250 YEN = USD 50  (Tax is included) 



Esper DHA is a new type of nutrient which has combined DHA, that was extracted from
the oil of fisheyes with egg yolk lecithin, and added to an essence of Maiden Hair Tree
leaf mixed with vitamin E.
" Ginkgo " (Maiden Hair Tree) DHA is a great health food that you've never seen as
yet, which corresponds to a aging society.
It is an important component in the formation of the cells in our brain neurons.
For a nutritious supply, you can take them as they come as recommended.
Take about 5 tablets with water or hot water per day.
We also recommended them for people who don't like fish or egg products, especially
recommended for the medium to heavy drinker.

35g  (About 150 tablets)   One bottle  8,400 YEN = USD 80  (Tax is included)  



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We have many another product variations that can be put into practical use of  ESP.
Details are shown on the ESP Catalogue.
We offer it for free so if you'd like to have a look, please apply to us, ESP HONJO.