Health foods  No.1

We are selling health foods.


Esper Reishi is main component which is a mixture of Goryeo carrot, shiitake
mushroom and Reishi mushroom .
Please use it to stay in good health.
There are two sizes, normal and large.

Normal type  90g  (About 450 tablets)
One bottle   10,500 YEN = USD 100  (Tax is included)

Large type   200g  (About 1,000 tablets)
One bottle   21,000 YEN = USD 200  (Tax is included)



Fushisen is the luxurious of highest quality Reishi which is a mixture of 3 kinds of 100 %
pure Reishi mushrooms.
For your perfect daily health, by all means try the vital power of Reishi.
There are two kinds, capsular and powdered type.

Powdered type is canned in a paulownia box.  45g x 30 packs
One box   21,000 YEN = USD 200  (Tax is included)

Capsular type  60 soft capsules
One pack   24,150 YEN = USD 230  (Tax is included)



Calcium is a main component of bones and teeth in the human body.
Generally people can ingest calcium from balanced meals in their daily life, but nowadays
a survey clearly shows people tend to lack sufficient calcium.
Much more, when they would be in their prime and old age of life, bones and teeth would
be also aging.
Esper Calcium has chondroitin which exists in the cells and body's liquid.
It's main component is made from powdered oyster shells, and contains many kinds of
Besides, it can be eaten by children gladly because it has a yogurt flavor.
It has perfectly divided CPP, which is extracted from the protein of milk.
You can take them as they come as recommended in take of about 18 tablets per a day
will make the bottle lost for one month.
This dosage can be adjusted.
Behavior and components of the independent mixture.
CPP ( casein phosph peptide )
Most of calcium is absorbed in the bottom of small intestine.
But if it reacts with phosphorus, it will become in soluble and the absorption rate will be
CPP can prevent this indissolubility transformation, chondroitin prevents the dulling of
the bodys' functions, which would harder the organs of our body.
It keeps the bodys' cells fresh and the bodys' liquids smooth and flexible.
Due to a decrease in Micropoly saccharide body joints become sore.
Chondroitin gives flexibility and keep the joints and cartilage smooth.

Normal type  100g  ( About 550 tablets )
One bottle  5,250 YEN = USD 50  ( Tax is included)

Large type  230g  ( About 1,278 tablets )
One bottle  10,500 YEN = USD 100  ( Tax is included )