ESP appliances  No.2



It is a large type of esper seals.
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15 seals per one package   3,150 YEN = USD 30  ( Tax is included )



The wonder seal is used for daily living appliances.
It is gold-colored seal.
Any appliance for general life, use it for television, refrigerator, desk,
machines, etc. appliances around your body and so on.
Disposing of the seal after use is up to you.
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30 seals per one package   1,050 YEN = USD 10  ( Tax is included )



It is in a paulownia box that's a deluxe type of wonder seal.
Use it for a daily living important part of your life.
Like a safe register, purse, an upper part of the entrance of your house, an important
part of your house.
An entrance of a shop, company or a factory.
Use it on a nameplate, telephone, car etc.
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15 seals per one box   5,250 YEN = USD 50  ( Tax is included )