ESP appliances  No.1

The ESP appliances which we are introducing here have never been offer before in 
the whole wide world and are completely new item.
In these appliances the heart of the universal creation   is alternating your pure heart
which leads you to a bright and rich daily life.
This assures the user a resulting happiness.
Katao Ishii, who is ESP initiator, found " the heart of the universe ".
It exists in this world as an ESP appliance that Katao Ishii has made.
All appliances including the ESP instruction tapes are exchanging with the heart of the
universal creation.
The ESP appliance shows the power to all the fields of the prosperity of good health,
in each family human relationship and in business, and so on.
This appliance is not medical supplies or a medical appliance.
More strongly, it is the one to lead to more happiness from " the ability that it is
possible sleeping " and " the ability of the natural healing power " which each one has
It is useless thinking and worrying too much.
You might use ESP appliance what ever you would like to use at anytime, anywhere, by
honest feeling and intuition in your mind.
There are various kinds of ESP appliances, but we will introduce some of the most
typical appliances.
All ESP appliances are sealed ESP power by Katao Ishii.


Because the ESP power is " the heart of the universe ", listen to entrust all ESP
tapes in your heart as you want and pray.
It leads the alternating current of ESP to " the happy mechanism " in the universe.
Always listen using a headphone or an earphone.
As the feelings become good, ESP power will penetrate into your heart and give you
a light feeling.
The following three kinds of cassette tapes are ESP instruction tapes.
If you would like to listen to the ESP tape, please click on the Demo Button

ZOOM2.GIF (999 バイト)
1. Side A  (with sound )    Side B  (without sound )
One  21,000 = USD 200  ( Tax is included )

2. Side A  (with sound )    Side B  (with sound )
One  21,000 YEN = USD 200  ( Tax is included )

3. Side A  (without sound )    Side B  (without sound )
One  21,000 YEN = USD 200  ( Tax is included )



The esper seal is a seal of natural skin color and doesn't use magnetism and medicine
at all.
It is just skin colored seal.
But it is generating with the heart of the universe that even modern science cannot
make clear.
Just use the seal for any painful part of your body, you will be comfortable and will be
free from mental distress.
Your life will improve by the heart of the universe which is alternating with the seal.
Basis of using is use it which you thought of any place and any number in your intuition.
The direction of the seal doesn't matter.
It is one which can stick on skin or above underwear and bandages.
The way of disposing a used seal is free, but when you recycle it to a pot plant, there is
reports that you'll get a result which is good for plants to grow.
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30 seals per one package   1,050 YEN = USD 10 ( Tax is included ) 



Small sized esper seals.
Basis of using is same as esper seals.
S sized and SS sized seals.
ZOOM2.GIF (999 バイト)
S size (The diameter is 14mm)  SS size ( The diameter is 12mm )
One package   1,050 YEN = USD 10  ( Tax is included )